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I started this as an attempt to keep track of my experience blogging.  It’s more for my personal use than anything.  Sadly, that was quite a while ago, and even today I’m not really moving forward.  Well, maybe a little forward.

I’ve had a hosting account with Lunarpages for a couple of years now, dating back to the Wackiness Ink days with Summer and Nicole.  Even though that project died out I found it convenient to keep the site and I was hopeful that we could get everything moving again.

That said, I also planned to use it as a springboard for other web-related projects such as blogging and web design.  What actually happened with was exactly nothing.  I wound up keeping it simply for the email address.  Just last month the hosting package expired and while I wanted to keep it up I couldn’t get myself to spend the money.

Then, I got an email that the account had been deleted.  Suddenly, I wanted it back.   I wanted it bad enough, in fact, that I re-upped the hosting plan and am telling myself that I will, this time, take my plans to the next level.  So much is going on in the world that I think the time has more than come for at least one – if not both – of my blog ideas to become realized.

So, this is day one.

I’ve purchased 3 domain names (four if you count the one I didn’t notice I misspelled) and invested the time to get WordPress installed and running.  Strangely, I can only access the domains I purchased from GoDaddy, and not the one from Lunarpages that is part of my hosting account.

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